Taxi JOHANNESBURG– in Johannesburg (Jo’burg to locals) there are two kinds of taxis: the minibus taxis, and car taxis. Because of Johannesburg’s poorly-organized public transportation system, locals get around via minibus taxis (going back to the Apartheid period). Such minibuses, though, have a poor safety record and they don’t necessarily follow a fixed route, so one should consult with a minibus driver on their destination (and fare) before boarding.


For this reason, whenever possible, visitors use car taxis to get around Johannesburg. Such taxis may be found at major transportation areas like the airport or the train station. Otherwise, one is advised to pre-program a number of reputable taxi companies on their smart phones, and call ahead when needed. Here are some car taxi companies that operate in Johannesburg:


Elias: +27 (0) 76 834-0670

Maxi Taxi: +27 11 648-1200 or 1212

Rose Taxis: +27 11 403-9625 or 0000

Safe Cab: +27 86 166 5566